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Vocational college for advanced professional qualification in education and social care

Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik (FAKS ) Kempten is a vocational college for postsecondary studies in education and social care. (German Qualification Framework (DQF) level 6). We are a private learning institution based on the official national curriculum. 250 students attend the college on a regular basis, 50 of them graduate every year.

The teaching staff is composed of 25 teachers teaching the following subjects: Pedagogy and Psychology including Therapeutic Education, Practice and Methodology of Child Education, Arts and Crafts, Music and Physical Education of Children, Literacy and Media Education, Theology and Religious Education, Sociology, Ecology, Health and Scientific Education, German, English, Maths.

The students gain the professional qualification as a “state-certified educator,” which enables them to work in various fields within the educational sector (e.g.early childhood education, youth and community work, group homes, after-school daycare, schools for children with disabilities, learning impairments or special needs, etc., age group: 0-27).

Beside their vocational training as a state-certified educator, the majority of the students at FAKS take additional courses and exams to gain a university entrance qualification. These students can carry on studying for a Bachelor’s degree in the field of education or social work by adding 3 semesters at University of Applied Sciences.
In the vocational training there is a close link between theory and practice:

During the first 2 years of the training the students acquire paedagogical knowledge and professional skills in full-time theory classes combined with several compulsory periods of practical training: In different kinds of educational institutions in Germany or in partner institutions abroad, in elementary school and a 4-week project period where the students have to implement a project in an institution of their choice. The third year of the education is full-time practical training at a placement, with the students being accompanied by tutors from FAKS offering support and supervision.

A general certificte of secondary education and a completed vocational education in a relevant sector are college entrance requirements. In most cases the students have previously taken the national vocational qualification as a “child care assistant”, which is a 2-year training and offered at FAKS as well.

Link to the Profile of Skills and Competences of a state- certified Educator trained in Germany (Certificate Supplement).